Retrospective is a Great Habit

Retrospective is a Great Habit

Hey friend,

Just want to share something I learned recently in a team-building session. To be honest, I didn't expect having in-depth reflection before it started , since it is only a building session for wooden carts, using my company's product (power tool) and wooden pallet to build it.

But this time, it is a little bit different. Our trainer is enthusiastic and hoping to bring us some learning during the session. We even have a retrospective after the training to reflect on what we learn and our observations, so I thought it is worth writing down some learning from it.

Alignment is essential no matter how big or small the project is

Our team changed the design of the wooden cart during the build. At that time, we were not well communicated, and everyone was working on their own parts. The trainer is observing us quietly on the side.

After a couple of moment , he deicede to step in before we are running out of time. Pulling everyone together, making sure everyone was well communciated and aligned the new plan. And in the end, we successfully built a functioning cart.

We must communicate and align the project's plan across team members, whether a 1-hour wooden cart build or a multi-national project involving stakeholders across different BU. Because without a clear alignment, everyone might think differently and have a different plan in their mind. Only by constant and even over-communication. We can achieve the result we want.

Everyone in the team is responsible for speaking up when they spot problems

During the build, of course, there will be problems . We had issues with design, how to use the tool and more.

And when a problem occurs, it will be everyone's responsibility to speak up and shed light on it, to show the bad and the ugly. The person might not be able to come up with the solution by themself alone, but it is equally important to let the team know problems do occur. Then we can come up with the answer together.

That’s it from me for now. Have a great week!


❤️ Interesting Things

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They also provide full service on the laundromat, instead of a self-service laundromat where customers need to do it all by themselves. Their company help customer handle everything. Customers only put dirty clothes in a laundry bag outside their homes. A few days later, the washed clothes will be returned and folded.

Boring Business + Technology + Full Service = Good Business

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✍️ Quote of the week

‘So to be happy, Seligman suggests, focus on things you can control’

From The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Convey

Resurface by Readwise

Okay, that's it for now💛 . See you in the future!