Fulfilling Your Potential with Side Project

Fulfilling Your Potential with Side Project

Hi friends,

Recently I was working on some side project, something that is quite interesting. And I am excited to share the final product/solution with you soon.

But before that day comes, let me share with you what problem I am working on and the progress. I hope you will enjoy reading the behind the scene of it. This article will be part 1 of the full article.

✅ E-commerce & Website Owner Checklist

Summary: Creating documentation and checklist for solopreneurs and websites owner to identify potential pitfalls on their website in different aspects (Analytic, Email, UX, digital marketing etc..) to facilitate long-term planning.

Work in Progress for E-commerce & Website Owner Checklist in Notion

When my friend knows I am working in e-commerce and having a personal website. They always ask me how to grow and scale their e-commerce business as a solopreneur, how to set up proper website tracking on the website & what type of ad product on Facebook I should first experiment with.

These are all tactics for running a website & business. On the other hand, I believe every successful business and website requires long-term planning and a solid foundation to sustain its growth.

Having the knowledge of e-commerce and digital marketing campaigns from my work experience, what is missing is a comprehensive checklist and documents to reference. Therefore I decided to create one and see if there is any market for it.

What problem I am trying to solve

Solopreneurs and website owners need a way to identify all the potential pitfalls and issues on their websites for analytic, email, UX and digital marketing to create a long-term plan for their websites.

Competitor Research

After doing some research online, a similar checklist does exist and is created by Jaka Smid. However, the checklist he made is mainly focused on tactics such as.

  • Promote site-wide offers on top of the pages(e.g Free Shipping ) with urgency and scarcity
  • Category labels accurately describe the information in the category
Jaka Šmid - Conversion Designer Portfolio
I help SaaS and eCommerce companies grow their business with stunning web design that converts!

Time Frame: 2 Weeks (Now is already halfway).Aim to make this side project as lean and as tiny as possible. I  prefer to launch it first and improve it based on the feedback.

❤️ Interesting Things

🌊 Article - The hyper freelance model by Ben Issen. A new model for freelancers by diversifying the ways to offer your unique expertise with freelancing, teaching and product building. Having this model also create virtuous circles.

Freelancer virtuous circles
Virtuous Circles : Credit: supercreative.design

🖥 Website - Ele Types. After buying my first mechanical keyboard, I started to practice typing. While most of the online typing test is full of online ad boring UI design, I discover ele types with minimalist design and different theme. A well-designed typing test to improve my typing speed.

Minimalistic Deign in Ele Types Website 

✍️ Quote of the week

Growth is achieved by learning and unlearning at the same time. Reading books like this is a great way to learn. Reading yourself is a great way to unlearn. If you can do both, you can make progress. If you just do one, you’ll fail.

From Happy Sexy Millionaire: Unexpected Truths about Fulfillment, Love, and Success by Steven Bartlett

Resurface by Readwise

Okay, that's it for now💛 . See you in the future!