Restarting Weekly Newsletter

Restarting Weekly Newsletter
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

I know it has been a while since I send you the digital newsletter. The last email was in Nov 2020, and there are lots of things happening in 2021; new jobs, changes, challenges and lots of ups and downs. And I always use this as an excuse not to write this newsletter.

Entering 2022 and buried by work again, I feel I need a space to record and express my thought. From the books I read, the lessons I learn in life, and something exciting and worth sharing, hopefully, you will gain something from it.

Therefore, if you are interested in news and digital marketing/ e-commerce, we will still talk about it in this newsletter. But the portion will be a lot smaller.

But if you are interested in personal growth, leadership, exciting books, productivity hacks, design, crypto & some lifestyle stuff. I graduate you will get something from it.

So, before clicking the unsubscribe button, why don't we read this newsletter first.

✈️ Personal Manifesto

Couples days ago, I had an appraisal with my boss and of course, we will write down our objectives and what we want to do this year.

So I thought apart from writing down what I want to do at work, I also want to write a personal manifesto. A declaration of what I want in life. It also helps me prioritise what's important to me and what I want to achieve.

Hopefully, having the thing sorted out can help me clear my thought and be more accountable; at least I have shown my manifesto to 100 people on my email list.

🔥 Person I want to be

  • 😇 Willing to face my mistake and flaw directly and not afraid to share with others as I believe it is only a learning process
  • 🧠 Inspire and help people be the person they want to be so that they are satisfied with their lives. (In work, relationship and friendship).

🚗 How can I do it

  • ✍🏻 Intentionally write down the feedback I get and reflect on it. Write down my thought so that I am aware of my thinking.
  • ✌🏻 Giving help to people, sharing knowledge or something I know to them, creating something that I believe is beneficial to others. (Like this newsletter LOL)

📈 Things I try to improve

  • 🤣 Be patient, and don't be too eager to move fast

I also encourage you to write one for yourself.

Have a great week!


❤️ My Favourite Things

🛠 Fun Stuff - DIY Wooden Ukulele from KiwiCo. When I was in primary school, my parents used to buy me a STEM magazine and DIY kit every month. When I grew up, there was one subscription service that caters to adults, so I decided to subscribe and try it.

🎸Music - Random Access Memories by French electronic duo Daft Punk. A very famous electronic album. Also, the final album before they split up in February 2021. Impressed by the way they combine electronic music from synthesiser and live music.

📕Article - 《從內做起》為什麼「領導力」是職場和人生的必修課題. An article was written by one of my favourite Chinese book review bloggers. Talking about five different levels of leader. From the leaders who get power merely by their title to through recognition, producing results and impacting others by their character. One of my favourite quotes from it is "與其追求身份、職位或頭銜,不如明白領導力的運作方式,讓自己學會如何培養和建立領導力,進一步加深對別人的影響力."

💻 Online Course - Creative Coding: Making Visual with Javascript. Teaching how to create visuals with code just like the art in team lab. It is only a 3 hours course.

✍🏻 Quote of the week

"Becoming the best version of yourself requires you to continuously edit your beliefs, and to upgrade and expand your identity. "

From Atomic Habits by James Clear. Resurfaced using Readwise.